About Aureumaex Precision Plastics (M) Sdn Bhd

Aureumaex Precision Plastics ("APPM") division was established in 1991, specializing in precision injection moulding for plastic components. 

With over three decades of experience, APPM has become a trusted supplier for industry leaders like Samsung, Sony, and Sharp. They have expanded their operations beyond electronics by obtaining the IATF-16949 certification, thus allowing them to enter the automotive sector. 

By combining the strengths of Aureumaex Metal and Aureumaex Precision Plastics, APPM offers enhanced convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality to customers. They provide a comprehensive solution by consolidating product management at a single location, streamlining operations, optimizing coordination between metal and plastic components, and delivering cost-effective solutions with uncompromising quality and faster turnaround times.

Products Showcase

Aureumaex Precision Plastics (M) ("APPM") offers a wide-ranging capability to manufacture plastic components, catering to diverse industries from electronics to automotive. Our expertise spans from producing commonplace household goods to intricate medical devices. With a versatile manufacturing capacity, we can accommodate plastic components weighing as little as 0.1 gram to as heavy as 8 kilograms. As we strive to expand our presence, we consistently deliver products of exceptional quality across various industry segments, all while maintaining competitive manufacturing pricing.

Strong Customer Base

Aureumaex Precision Plastics has established a robust customer base built on long-standing relationships, some of which have spanned more than two decades. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality products at competitive prices has been instrumental in sustaining customer growth. Moreover, Aureumaex Precision Plastics has become the preferred choice for customers due to its comprehensive capabilities in both plastic injection molding and metal stamping. This versatility allows the company to effectively meet and fulfill the diverse needs of its customers.

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